Gas and Water meter sensor needed

I'm looking for "plug and Play" sensors for the following instruments:

Natural Gas Flow meter:
Type: Schlumberger G4
Build: 1989

Water Flow meter:
Type: Actaris

All see attached photo's.

After checking with a simple compass I noticed that there are no magnets in the meters available.
So the reed sensors are of no use for me :-(

On the Gas meter I found a little "looking glass" opening at the left bottom.
Inside of the meter there is a black & white striped disc.
So an opto sensor could be a solution.
Also on the spot of the most right red digit there is a silver patch on the 0 position.

All solutions are welcome.

Gas_meter.JPG96.12 KB
Water_meter.JPG92.72 KB
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I'll need to keep an eye on this thread for any solutions as I have the same type of gas meter and I really want to measure gas consumption....

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Does it come with a small mirror on one of the far-right digits?

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For the Gas meter: Yes.

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I bet you live near me, as I have the same gas- & watermeter :-)
Anyway, looking for a solution for this too!

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Bart is working on a sensor that can detect pulses for meters with the mirror on the least significant digit like the gas meter you have (have the same one here). He showed a prototype at ElectroCamp a few months ago but as far as I know it's still a prototype. We'll have to wait a little longer.

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Any news on the development of a watermeter sensor?

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See this conversation for the reply.

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Hi, the OP's water meter looks similar to mine, which is widely used here in Adelaide (Australia) by the local water authority. The Actaris brand has changed to Itron who sells a meter sensor called Cyble Sensor with pulse output:
I bought one of this from the local Itron office. It is compatible with Flukso pulse input. Itron also offer other variants of Cyble Sensor with wireless interface to their own meter reading infrastructure. All these sensors are induction based (not reed or optical).