Minute Tab Workaround. Live Data

Seeing as the minute tab isnt working on the new Flukso 2B yet I found a workaround.
This uses Sherlock's Android FluksoViz.apk.
and BlueStacks App Player for Windows (beta 1)

Set up the app as normally done on an Android and away you go :)


Negative for consumption. Goes to Positive when Solar kicks in :)



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pretty clever Baz ;-)

I've been using the various flukso apps on various ARM devices, with various android versions, and didn't even think to think that it was doing minute resolution ;-)

slightly updated sherlock/jbenito fluksoviz is here btw
(at least I think this one is newer)

bluestacks is ... interesting. a little bloated last time I tried, but it pretty much works. easier than the ADK emulator, if nothing else.

I've done a small bit of development work for the android-x86 project - for those who are curious, it runs fairly amazing on a number of laptops. for ibm X series thinkpads (especially tablets) - it's very nearly an everyday replacement OS - it's what I use on my X61t, in fact. but that's only if you want to run android directly on your laptop/desktop. plus side is that you can build it yourself from the very latest AOSP source control (ok that is also sort of a very big minus, setting up the toolchain is ungodly painful) and that people like Intel themselves are directly contributing to the ax86 code tree.

there's also some android virtual machines available. but until now, bluestacks was always better/easier, in my opinion.

although there is this newer one
which I haven't tried yet but looks very attractive

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(oh and to be clear - as for ax86, there are plenty of prebuilt/binary livecd/liveusb type images, it's definitely not something you have to do the insane amount of work putting the toolchain together yourself - have a look http://www.android-x86.org/ easy enough to try without permanent install)