Gas Probe Schlumberger G4 (1997)

Dear All,

I successfully installed a FLS02-F2 gas probe on a Krom Schroder BK-G4 (picture 1 and 2).

Now I would like to get readings from a Schlumberger G4 (1997) meter (picture 3) too.
Unlike the BK-G4, this meter doesn’t have a ‘volume per pulse’-indication on it (e.g. 1imp=0.001m³). Judging by other topics I read on this forum, I guess that a FLM equipped with a FLS02-F2 gas probe won’t work for this kind of meter cause it does not contain a magnet or pulse option? Instead I should use an opto-reflective sensor, but this is not (yet) available in the shop?

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@Marieline We're nearly there. Production of a first batch has been completed. Some of the opto-reflective sensors are now running in test. Once that phase is completed, it's documentation time.