New install. No graph

Just installed a new FLM. The electricity sensor is apearing on the sensor page with the correct name.
Nothing shows on the graph page? Could this be caused by the fact that its night time and theres no stored data for this meter recently and current output is 0w.

I saw another post here where someone had the same issue and it seems replacement of the FLM was the solution.
I'd rather not take this road if possible, but perhaps a factory reset would help as the unit is second hand.


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Log on to your Fluksometer and look into the syslog; does your FLM register pulses?

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Internally, the FLM works pulse-based. So if there's no current in the wire your clamp is attached to, no pulses wil be generated, hence no chart can be shown.

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Thanks for that.

So I just wait till some current can be counted and a graph will appear?

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That, or you short out 1+ with 6a a couple of times. Then check the syslog on the local FLM configuration page as suggested by @gebhardm. If you notice pulses in the syslog, they should be charted within 5mins.