globe led

i have a new flukso meter we dont have internet connection at the club where we use it so i use my mobile phone as a acces point
so the first time i make a wiffi connection everithing works great but when i set off the phone and try it a halve houre later there is a wiffi connection and a heartbeat but the globe led wont turn on and no data is send to the flukso server i wait for 15 min with the phone on nothing happens but the i get the power connector out of the flm end then every thing is working fine until i turn off the phone and try it again after 15 min what do i wrong

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Could you try this again and send me the output of the FLM's syslog page [1], after you have re-enabled the mobile phone. So the log should contain a test where it works before but does not work after the disabling/enabling the AP.