has anyone sourced current clamps in NA/US?

so when I ordered the exciting new 2b, I figured I would either sell my flm02a or repurpose it.

but foolishy I did not think to add clamps to the order. so now there's a 2nd order, for a pair of flukso clamps - mostly out of loyalty to Bart FOR BEING AWESOME - but partially because current-transformers are apparently somehow ding-dong-impossible to find the the USA.

ok, not impossible -

sure, I can find plenty of them. most seem to be specialized accessories for handheld meters (think Fluke) and run >USD100 for a single clamp.

also, TED seems to be the more popular hardware for NA - a good friend has one, it seems to glitch a lot, this is why I went with flukso instead ;-)

TED sells their clamps only in pairs, rated 200A per pair, which makes sense - this is NA, after all. USD47 for the pair! except, the company are very VERY reluctant to publish specs on their clamps. their clamps plug into an intermediary black box (LITERAL BLACK BOX) and a couple guys have tried to map out the response on the TED clamps - specs vaguely similar to the flukso CTs, but not close enough.

when I google "flukso clamp voltage", one of the immediate top results is what we all know ~ "0-5V linear vs amperage". no such luck finding the equivalent info on the TED website or manual! thanks ted.

if anyone has sourced flukso-compatible CT clamps in North America, I'd appreciate hearing about it. at this point I have all I need, but a spare or two would not hurt.

right now my old 2a is either for sale, or going to monitor the 2 single-phase 120 lines on the gas heater and the hot water heater. there is ?something? here that does a very short 7-8kw(!) spike every night, and I am perplexed to figure out what it is!