installation hell

I don't know what went wrong but i cannot reach the flukso at all it has a heartbeat but i don't know how it got one. In my DHCP table is it popping up with it's own ipadress but i cannot reach it. Could you please help me? already gone back to orginal firmware but no luck

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connected with wifi or ethernet cable ?

(there is a firewall on the wifi side)

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i tried both but i'm lost now. the installation looks so simple but now it's not funny. For me the steps did not work and the manual is not telling me what to do next. So reset again and trying again and again and again and still no connection. WHen i'm trying it configuring via my laptop i cannot connect to the internet anymore so i cannot do anything.

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and now i think it's broke, it won't boot there are 3 leds on but thats it nothing more not when i unplug the powercord and booting again

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the 3 leds that are burning is the power led the heartbeatled and globe but the burn constantly and that's it

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I had to reset the wifi router and after that it worked. Discovered it because I was trying to connect another wifi device besides the Flukso and that didn't want to join either.

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Did you try to restore the firmware (3)? Worked for me after messing things up. - JG

1.2 Pushbutton

The pushbutton has a triple function. Which function will be triggered depends on how long the button is pressed.

1. Toggle reporting mode If you press the button for 2 to 5 seconds, the Fluk- someter will toggle its reporting mode to the Flukso server from wifi to ethernet or vice-versa.

2. Restore networking defaults If you press the button between 10 and 30 seconds, the Fluksometer will restore its default network settings.

3. Restore firmware Keep the button pressed for between 60 and 120 seconds to restore the Fluksometer’s stock firmware2. You will have to reconfigure all network and sensor settings. Connect to the local web interface after the heartbeat LED starts blinking again.

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OK, I see now you did restore firmware. I would suggest, trying this again. Good luck - JG

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well the firmwarerestore did his work, ik now have a global led cannot reach the flukso via the wifi but that is for later . Will now install the kwh meter for my PV installation and put the clamp for the used energy. we will be getting there and i will not rest before it works :-)

thanks for the quick respones

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A Zen-like state of mind helps a lot when tweaking the Fluksometer. About accessing the Flukso through WiFi, I'm not sure you know the trick Bart posted some time ago:

To allow wireless access to a Flukso v2:

- connect the Flukso with an Ethernet cable to your PC
- start ssh on the PC (for ssh use Putty on a Windows box or Terminal on a Mac)
- input these lines after the prompt, one by one

  1. ssh root@ [passwd: root]
  2. uci set firewall.@zone[1].input=ACCEPT
  3. uci commit
  4. /etc/init.d/firewall restart
  5. exit

You now have a wireless connection through your browser to a predefined IP on the Flukso. Great for checking the syslog and general tinkering with FLM.

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great, i will try it and i'm already zen again :-)

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If you use a laptop or netbook I have found you need to switch wifi off on the laptop while you connect to the Flukso via Ethernet

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Sounds familiar to me too.

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so it took some thinking and hard labour but it works now. Thanks to jgysenbergs for the firewall settings.
i can now see my pv and my used energy so i'm happy now

thanks for all that replied!!!

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It's Bart who did the job. Kudos to him - JG

PS. I'm sure you know about the site. Plays nice with the Flukso.

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I knie About already on it And THE plan was indeed to connect the flukso to the site