support for day/night counters

Here in Belgium (as Bart surely knows) we can get day/night counters. If you have one, the aim is to move as much load as possible on the night counters as it runs at a lower tariff.

So: instead of the night tab I consider pretty useless, it would be great to be able to have a setting for when night starts and ends (depends on the provider), and (if possible) be able to look at the day/month/year graphs in a day/night/total mode

Does this make any sense or does it need more explaining?

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Here in Oz we call it off peak.
Good call


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I actually use the night charting feature regularly. It renders your average consumption between 2 and 5AM local time. It's a sound way to visualize the trend of your base load. Stating that this is useless makes my heart bleed.

Off-peak tariff plans are only the start. The industry is considering 15-min pricing intervals. That's going to result in a pretty colorful bar chart.

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Oh.. I didn't mean to make your heart bleed and I didn't know that was the intended way to use it ;)

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The ER was able to stop the bleeding. All is well now. I do get the point that some features require a more thorough explanation.

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Still, do you think having such day/night graphs with configurable off-peak time could be useful/implemented? ;)