Local display


is it possible to have a local display to show the current data?

I have a PV generator I would like to read if I'm using more power than the generated one or not, to decide if I can start up new appliances.
I would like to have an LCD (a wireless device would be the best) that displays: current generated and consumed power and imported/exported from the power grid.

Thank you

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That indeed would be a nice hack also for the FLM :-) At #ec1205 the guys from http://openenergymonitor.org have shown their solution that includes the device you are looking for as an option. Another option is the chumby solution provided by the mysmartgrid.de initiative.
Let's think about a "smart solution" of a small REST-enabled web client (a Pollin AVR NetIO?) that drives a corresponding LCD... Easies of course would be a cheap Chinese Android tablet that serves as the display provider - as import around 100 bucks... (for that I nearly wouldn't heat my solder iron ;-))
Just thinking...

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Cant you use Sherlocks current Android app??


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If your local display has a web browser, e.g. a pad/tablet, then you could just use the 'minute' tab on the dash page for real-time charting.

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Can I see the numbers or only the graphics on the tablet/smart phone?

I didn't find anthing relevant with "Sherlocks current" or " Sherlock current".
Android appllication easily readable would be fine.

THank you