VAT number

I would really like to buy the Flukso but your form does not accept my VAT number. Still receiving "Error when contacting the VAT Number verification service.", but the number is correct

I did try to contact you through the email more than week ago, but no answer.

Is there any way to solve this issue?

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Hi Daniel,

We run a VAT number check against the VAT Information Exchange System (VIES). You can validate your number manually at the EU VIES website [1]. The error did not appear when filling in the Flukso checkout form just now. It might be that the service was down just when you were trying to place the order. Please try again and let me know the result.



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Hi Bart
thank you for reply. I did try again but not working. I checked it manually and it i ok.

Yes, valid VAT number

Member State SK
VAT Number SK 2021715971
Date when request received 2012/05/07 08:18:50

I have tried it also in IE.. same results.

Bswt regards

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Hi Daniel,

You're right. When entering your VAT number in the form, this error is returned:

  1. Error when contacting the VAT Number verification service: Service return error - XML error parsing SOAP payload on line 1: Invalid character.

However, it seems like it's specific to SK VAT numbers. The SOAP call completes correctly when entering a Belgian VAT number. So let's solve this by reverting to good old manual invoicing. Please send me an email with a list of the items you'd like to purchase, shipping/billing address and I'll draft you a pro-forma invoice.