Lost water sensor data when replacing defective provider (EANDIS,...) meters

Hi, a 7, 5 year customer.
I added a pulse meter to the Belgian water metering 5 years ago.
It was working till a few days ago because I lost the pulse signals completely.
First time I had to switch off the whole installation for 25 minutes for a differential switch test.
Bringing up and checking Flukso data / graph I saw water metering data was no longer there.
After a power down/up of Flukso v2 it came back.
Last Thursday we had to replace the complete installation. It took 4 hours to get the power back.
Same problem. Water metering data was gone again. The old data was still visible, but today data is still not back.
I did several power downs/ups of Flukso. Checked the small cable (2 wires) but couldn't see any defect or disconnection.
I tried to login to the Flukso LAN. Laptop PC ethernet connected directly to ethernet port of Flukso. was not available. I did a lot of test with small changes to get it working but I couldn't login.
Guys, It is more than 5 years ago that I did some changes to the electricity network and to Flukso. 3 phases. solar panels, ... I can't remember that what I did now was right. I looked at the improved online manual of Flukso. ???. Water metering data is no longer generated.
Can you help here. Is there something I overlooked (battery in water meter low?
See you. Marc.