Replies to very old topics

Flukso server?? is sending replies and follow-ups to very old topics.
Something is happening on this site?
Hope its not a sign of failing :(

Chrome has tagged the site cerificate as being out of date...


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I'm afraid it is
The end of Flukso? :(

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In a short burst of panic I looked into exporting my data using and whatever I select the oldest data is 2019-07-18T05 but I've been running my oldest flukso since 2012

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Also Edge and Firefox.

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I use
It reads Flukso directly. All my 10 plus years of data is stored there :)
Unfortunately, if this site goes down I won't be able to save anymore.

It would be great if Icarus showed his colours now :)

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Looks like the certificate got renewed and using Let's Encrypt now. Thanks Bart or whoever helped out!