Pulse Water meters

looking for some sort of pulse unit to measure water.

found these water meters but the one that does 1 pulse/0.5L only is 25mm im looking for a 40mm

the 40mm i have found does 1 pulse/10L

does anyone know of any decent 1 pulse per 0.5-5L units? they dont have to be actual water meters just that thats all i seem to be able to find.
looking for 40mm size as to not restrict pipework and allow a decent flow through

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Try doing a google search for manuelectronics.com.au

They have various 40mm models (MES, MES-MR) that have 7.2 pulses per litre on there datasheets.

I don't know the prices though.

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yeah i got a quote from them the other day a little more than i was willing to pay.

MEH40R1 40mm multijet meter totaliser @ $ 593.00 less -15% disc
1 pulse/ 1 litre contact closure output
3.3 to 330 LPM


MES40MR 40mm nutating disc meter totaliser @ $ 1189.00 less -15% disc
7.2 pulses/ 1 litre contact closure output
7.5 to 375 LPM