FLM local visualizations with v3 and firmware 380

I am a proud owner of a new Flukso v3 for my office and struggle with using it the same way as at home where I successfully installed the local visualisations on a v2 Flukso like described here: https://github.com/gebhardm/flmlocal/tree/flm03
Or is it just not working on firmware version 380 as of yet?

Maby thanks for any hint in advance

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Sorry, I did not have any time yet to adapt to v380, but from the change history there may be some evidence on what to do. I always start(ed) with a copy of the /www/-folder from the FLM and did a local compare...

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Thanks for the quick response.
Please let me know if you have any plans to do it or what I can do to help with this task.

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Just had a look; I indeed prepared myself for an update; see https://github.com/gebhardm/flm03/tree/master/revisions/www - corresponding to the diffs of the v378 (here with flmlocal installed) to the v380 (plain after update) the flmlocal visualization should also work out of the box with v380 and following the description in https://github.com/gebhardm/flmlocal/blob/master/README.md - at own risk as I currently don't plan an update; my FLM03 is offline due to personal changes...
Upfront you may perform a backup of your settings using scp -r root@<flm_ip address>:/www/ . to whereever you want to save it - remember: no backup, no mercy.